Choosing a stone is a very important part of buying a tension set ring.  I supply a CZ or lab created colored stone at no charge.  They are available in all birthstone colors.  I am also able to source diamonds or other precious stones, and you can add the cost of the stone to the total by using THIS PAGE.  For diamond rings, most of my customers prefer to shop around themselves and get exactly the stone that they are looking for.  Diamonds are such a blind item that just a slight difference in specifications can cost thousands of dollars.  By searching for the qualities that are important to them, the customer is more likely to be satisfied with the stone buying process.  There are many reputable diamond sites on the internet and there are also some good diamond informational sites.  I'd be happy to recommend a few of those.  My Links page refers to most of those.  For diamonds, I prefer the clarity to be SI1 or better.  Obviously, a cleaner stone is a stronger stone.  Other stones that work well in tension sets are sapphires and rubies, which are very hard stones.  Some stones such as emerald are so soft that they are not suitable for tension setting.  CZ is not nearly as hard as diamond, so occasionally they can crack from the tension coupled with an impact onto a solid object.  Fortunately they are easily replaced, and I offer lifetime replacement of CZ's or the lab created stones at no charge should it ever become necessary.  You would normally insure precious stones on your homeowners policy.

Stones are usually shipped to me at the following address:
Bruce T. Boone
3939 Royal Drive NW
Suite 236
Kennesaw, GA 30144

Most people use FedEx or Registered Mail for shipping stones to me.  When using Registered Mail, a box with all sides taped with brown packing tape must be used.  If you are still wary of sending your stone to a complete stranger, it's easy to go to your local jeweler and have your stone mapped.  This involves getting the stone accurately measured and having its unique fingerprint of carbon inclusions drawn to scale on a drawing.  He can then recheck the stone in the ring upon its arrival back to you.  This will ensure that you get the exact same stone back.  Some stones have a laser engraved serial number on their girdle.  I can orient the stone so that the number points outward when mounted.  Another thing that is possible is for me to make a ring with a CZ to be changed out with a diamond at your local jeweler.  It would be best to ask the jeweler his feelings about doing that before assuming he would do it.  Bear in mind that damage to my reputation is worth more than the price of a stone.