Helixx Lite Companion

The Helixx Lite Companion ring, shown with the Helixx Lite ring, follows the same helical curve as the Helixx Lite.  The ring remains a constant thickness and has a jog at the end.  Can be specified in normal thickness, or extra thick or thin.  Optionally, The Helixx Lite ring could also work with the Helixx Companion ring, which is shaped differently. The ring shown is 2.5mm width. *Note that the Helixx Lite and Companion ring are shown together for visual purposes; the Helixx Lite must be ordered separately.


In My Humble Opinion:
      The finish can either match or contrast.  
      Angled Brush makes for a nice contrast.
      If engraved, keep inscription short.
Helixx Lite Companion Titanium Ring

Price $225
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