SuperConductor Flat Ring in 12mm Width Etched with Titanium Liner

A SuperConductor ring in a 12mm width, but the copper has been eaten away from the surface with acid.  This leaves the titanium/niobium alloy filaments standing higher.  The 12mm width might be considered very wide.  The etch finish has more 3D texture than a polished finish, so will feel more bumpy on the skin on the outside of the ring.  The inside of the ring has a polished titanium sleeve for comfort. The filaments are polished out so are relatively smooth.  They can have a different finish if you prefer. An Angled Brush finish for example would be possible on the filaments.  Because this ring has the titanium liner, engraving is possible.


In My Humble Opinion:
      This style looks good with polished or brushed finish.
SuperConductor Flat 12mm Etched Ring with Titanium Liner

Price $805

Ring Size   

Ring Width

Filament Finish

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