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Naomi J. Shaw's Blog:

Great Alternatives to Traditional Engagement Rings


Meteorite Offset with Blue Stripes Titanium Ring

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If the traditional route just isnít for you, then itís time to take your engagement ring shopping in a different direction. For something with a little more pizazz than the classics, check out  the following unique looks:


Titanium Bands


A novel diversion from the classic gold, platinum, silver trio, titanium jewelry is rapidly gaining popularity. Both lightweight and strong, titanium rings are more durable than their precious metal counterparts, scratching less easily and holding strong under pressure. Unlike white gold and silver, they do not discolor with age, remaining lustrous even through exposure to sunlight, salt water, and household chemicals. Because of its strength, titanium is a good choice for engagement ring settings, holding diamonds and other gemstones more securely than gold, silver, and even platinum. For a secure setting with a hint of color, try a titanium ring with a yellow gold inlay. Gold inlays add an interesting point of contrast to titanium engagement rings, without affecting the durability of the band.


Carbon Fiber


Attractive and high tech, carbon fiber, like titanium, is both a strong and a light material. Generally used as an inlay, carbon fiber can be colored to taste, adding a bold, interesting look to your jewelry. Manufactured from thin, strong carbon filaments, carbon fiber creates a weave-like impression when inlaid into jewelry. For a gorgeous finish, have your carbon fiber inlay lined with invisible-set diamonds. Popular in menís jewelry as well as womenís, his and hers carbon rings make a fantastic wedding set. Keep in mind that sizing a ring with a carbon fiber inlay--while not impossible--can be tricky, so know your measurements before ordering.



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Meteorite Rings


Ancient and yet simultaneously cutting edge and modern, meteorite rings are all the rage in unique engagement styles. Symbolizing eternal love, the iron and nickel core of the meteorite is taken and inlaid into the band of the ring, or even prong-set as a centerpiece. Adding a unique twist to any piece of jewelry, meteorite is a must-have this wedding season. Considered in some cultures to be both lucky and powerful, meteorite is a heavily symbolic stone. If you like the idea of incorporating meteorite into your wedding jewelry, but arenít sure that you want it in your engagement ring, then try adding meteorite earrings or a meteorite pendant to your look.


Tension Settings


Tension set rings are a gorgeous modern take on the classic solitaire look. Secured by pressure rather than by traditional prongs, tension settings enhance the beauty of the stones they showcase. Unlike channel and pave settings, tension settings make your center stone appear larger and brighter, drawing the eye in immediately. While tension settings might appear a risky choice at a first glance, the stones they encase are actually more secure than many of their prong-held counterparts. Because of the delicate pressure balance involved in their engineering, tension settings are only ever sold to order. Once sold, a tension set ring cannot be resized, so be sure to take your measurements carefully prior to ordering.

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