Our normal offering is a trumpet mouthpiece with a titanium shank and rim with an acrylic cup.  The cup and rim are one integral piece and don't separate from one another.  The cup can unscrew from the shank, so different cup sizes and/or colors can be used with the same shank.  The shank is sold as one unit and the cup with rim are sold as another.  Each are $95 with the titanium option as shown.  This is about half the cost of the other manufacturer that produces titanium mouthpieces in the US. We also offer a service to turn your mouthpiece, be it a Bach, Schilke, or other make with our threads so our cups can be used.  This option is $35.  We also offer a simple one piece acrylic cup in black which is $35, so it's easier to try them with less cost and upgrade to the titanium versions at a later time.  We also offer some pretty crazy high end options such as laser engraving, mokume gane, meteorite inlays and others to allow individuality missing from ordinary mouthpieces.

Our sizing system uses roughly similar numbers to the Schilke system, where larger inside cup diameters have bigger numbers.  Our Sizing Chart shows cup diameters in millimeters as well as relative cup depth.  When most of the popular mouthpieces were plotted on this graph, it was noticed that they tend to group themselves in distinct areas.  We picked the centers of those areas and called them our Zone System.  It can be seen that a Bach 3C and a Schilke 9C4 both fall in the Boone Zone 9, so we laser mark the rim as Z9.  We also have the ability to match an existing mouthpiece you send us or make new geometry.  The mouthpieces are ordered on the Build Your Own page.  It allows you to preview what a particular combination of choices looks like.  That information is passed to a shopping cart, where they are ordered.  We take major credit cards and PayPal.