The mouthpieces are ordered on the Build Your Own page. You choose the components you like and add them to your shopping cart. The shank is offered as a separate unit, and the cup and rim are one unit. In order to properly order the cup and rim combination, you will need to know the cup size. You would refer to the Sizing Chart. On the left right axis of the chart is rim size. Smaller cups are to the left and larger cups are to the right. In the up down axis is cup depth. Deeper cups are lower on the chart and more shallow ones are up higher. In general, a massive deep sound will be found in the lower right part of the chart, and screamer high note mouthpieces will be found in the upper left. Factors such as lip strength, lip thickness, comfort, and music style should all be considered.

In an example, if you play on a Bach 3C or Shilke 9C4, you can see that they fall within the Boone Zone 9, or Z9 section.  If you like the feel of that mouthpiece but would like to be stronger in the upper register, a Zone 10 might be best, or if you want a fuller lower register, a Zone 11 would be a good choice.  There's no need to be restricted to a single cup and rim, as they are interchangeable on the same shank.

The shopping cart takes major credit cards and PayPal transfers.  We make the mouthpieces custom to your specs in a day or two.