The cups of the Boone Mouthpieces are part of the signature look that makes them stand out from all the rest. They are acrylic acetate, and have a look and feel that needs to be seen and felt in person to be fully appreciated. The acrylic is attached to the titanium rim, and both are machined as one piece with your unique cup size. The acrylic will insulate your cold or hot trumpet from your lips and comes in several dozen colors. The cups can unscrew from the shank, so different cup sizes and cup colors can be used depending on the situation. They can match your school colors, your mood, or your music. The cup offerings can be seen and ordered from the Build Your Own page. It is possible to order multiple cups by choosing the Continue Shopping link in the shopping cart.  The shank option can be left blank in that case. We now also offer a single titanium cup and rim at an additional $95.