Boone Titanium Mouthpieces
4550 Bastion Drive
Roswell, GA 30075

If you are returning a mouthpiece, please e-mail to let me know it is coming, and please include a note with the mouthpiece describing what you would like to change, and please include your name, address, phone, and e-mail on the note. Don't assume we can remember all the details of previous conversations.  Things tend to run together when doing hundreds of them.   Payment for return shipping can be done by cash, check, or money order included with the ring, or you can use THIS LINK to pay by credit card.  We do not keep your credit card information on file. This link goes to a page that can allow extra costs to be entered into the shopping cart system.  For payment of shipping only, you would leave the total at zero, and proceed to check out.  Shipping options will be offered after customer information is filled out.