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I started Boone Technologies in 1993 with a CNC machine in the basement just for fun.  Our first successful venture was making titanium bike parts. We did that for years, selling to countries all over the world.  Bike parts morphed into wedding rings over time.  Our line of titanium wedding rings has grown to thousands of styles and still does well today.  They can be seen at our website    Being an inventor and tinkerer, I was in the shop one day and designed a trumpet mouthpiece with continuously variable cup geometry.  I was making prototypes and wanted to try out the largest and smallest sizes I would design for, so I made some simple blocky cups from acrylic.  My son, also an accomplished trumpet player happened to take one to school and found it to create quite a stir among all who saw it.  I decided to investigate what would happen if I were to try design a nice looking modular mouthpiece system using titanium and the acrylics.  The result is what you see here, and the response has been phenomenal.  I had found over the years with the bike parts and the rings that combining some "cool factor", science, and titanium produces some items that people seem to love. It's hard stuff to work with, so not everyone can do it.  The end product is worth the effort though. 
Thanks for checking us out.  Bruce Boone     My E-mail is