TriGold Samidare Mokume

This ring has an inlay of yellow gold, rose gold, palladium white, and silver, all forged in the ancient technique of Japanese metalsmiths.  The Samidare means raindrop pattern.  The inlay is very subtle and you have to look close to notice a difference in the rose and yellow gold lines.  Nicely understated and classy looking. The ring shown is 7mm in width, and has a Brushed finish.


In My Humble Opinion:
      The Brushed finish looks to work best for this ring.
      The polished is nice also but the Mokume colors get 
      lost in the reflections. This is a very classy looking
      ring with understated elegance.  You have to look twice
      to see the subtle colors.
TriGold Samadri  Mokume Inlay Titanium Ring

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