Add colors to Mokumaniumô

Mokumaniumô is unique in that it is composed of all titanium, and that it has actual 3D relief.  Because of those properties, it can be anodized in color combinations to add contrast and interest.  While the two zones of titanium will naturally anodize in slightly different colors, like the BasketWeave and Twist rings shown, they can also take on a second color that contrasts more.  The  background color just has to be a higher voltage color (more to the right on the color chip) than the pattern color.

You would order the Mokumanium ring first then come here to add the color.

In My Humble Opinion:
      The light blue background with a blue or blue purple pattern looks nice.
Mokumanium in Colors

Anodized Colors

Price: adds $35
 Background Color (higher voltage)

 Pattern Color (lower voltage)