Meteorite Care

The Gibeon Meteorite is one of the most inert of the larger meteorites that have been found on Earth.  It is much less prone to oxidation and has a better Widmanstatten pattern than others such as the Muonionalusta, Seymchan, Campo del Cielo, Sikhote-Alin, Cape York, Odessa, and others.  The meteorite should remain inert and oxide free for most people in most circumstances.  It is a tough metal like a stainless steel sink.

That being said, the Gibeon meteorite is iron based, and like most steels, it is possible to have occurrences of oxidation if the pH level gets off.  This is usually the result of a strong oxidizing chemical such as chlorine or bleach or others found in household cleaners.  It is best to avoid wearing the ring in pools, hot tubs, and salt water.  Hand washing and showering should be fine.  The ring can even be oiled or waxed if you anticipate it being in a harsh environment.

If oxidation is ever found, it can be removed by neutralizing the offending chemical by soaking the ring in a thick solution of baking soda and water or a shower cleaning product called CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust).  This gets scrubbed in with a toothbrush or cloth until all the oxidation is removed and the metal is clean again.  The ring is then heated with a hair dryer until any water remaining in cracks is eliminated.  This should bring the ring back to its normally inert state and restore brightness if the meteorite has dulled slightly.

Over a long time, the Widmanstatten lines will lose some of their crispness just due to wear.  The ring can be re-etched with acid to bring the pattern out again.  We provide that service at any time, where you just cover shipping.