Silver Pendant

How about some Extreme pendants! Sit back and think about all the digital pictures you have, all the paper photos, all those slides. Over time, as technology changes and film degrades, you may not have any records to show future generations. Imagine reaching out through time with your photograph in an item of jewelry that will gladly be handed down through the generations. The pendant is made of solid sterling silver. The lighter areas are raised up and the darker areas are lowered. The surface is blackened and polished to leave the upper areas bright and the lower areas dark like the original picture. The effect is amazing. The pendant shown is about 2" wide by about 1 1/4" tall, but can be altered to fit your artwork. The graphics file can be e-mailed to us.

Sterling Silver Picture Pendant

Front shown. Hover your mouse over the picture to see the source picture.

Price $375