Autumn Crinkle

The Autumn Crinkle ring has an inlay of pure gold in a recessed groove.  The gold is colored in shades of Autumn including subtle reds, oranges, pinks, yellows, and greens.  The colors change slightly as the ring is rotated.  The inlay has a unique high relief texture that maximizes light reflection.  It shimmers wildly when the ring is moved in the light.  It is covered with a layer of clear acrylic so that the inlay is unaffected by skin oils, and the rough texture does not touch the skin.   Very comfortable and very classy.


In My Humble Opinion:
      This style looks good with polished or brushed finish.
Autumn Crinkle Metallic Inlay Titanium Ring

Price $295
Titanium Finish
Ring Profile
 Titanium Grade  

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