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Welcome to the Boone Titanium Rings Merchant program.  The idea is to allow a simple way for Brick and Mortar jewelers to easily purchase rings for resale.  As you may be aware, we custom make our rings to order here in the US, and usually have a very quick turnaround time.  Our Just In Time manufacturing philosophy allows us to efficiently produce only the rings that will be used without making stacks of unneeded ones.  Our rings are some of the most innovative and unique titanium rings on the market.  While our pricing may not be as low as factories from China, we feel that our turnaround time and customization ability helps make up for that.  The select few merchant customers that we have dealt with in the past come back time and time again.  We hope to build more of these relationships.

In submitting this application, you are affirming that you represent a retail jewelry store with a valid resale #, and that this information is verifiable.  Approval will be subject to qualification, and the Merchant will be notified by e-mail.  You also affirm that you have read and agree to be bound by and comply with this agreement.

Retail pricing is up to the Merchant, but is not to be lower than website retail pricing.  Website and advertising promotion is allowed upon written agreement with Boone.  Products are to be displayed with the Boone Titanium Rings logo visible.  There is no minimum order for rings.  Payment is done upon ordering, and can be completed by credit card, PayPal transfer, check , or money order.  Merchants having several orders a week can request 30 day terms.

Our rings are made very accurately to size.  We use inside diameter as measured by digital calipers to the specifications in the sizing chart HERE.  Whereas tapered rod measurements depend on interpretation and may change slightly with variables such as  internal radius and ring width, we feel the inside diameter is the best way to measure the rings in order to be most consistent.  The rings (if there are no obvious stress risers such as inlays or notches) can be stretched here or at your shop by normal ring stretching equipment.  It simply takes a bit more force than usual.  We can usually size rings up to around a half size larger or a half size smaller (on simple rings) at no charge other than shipping.  If the ring is outside those parameters and a new ring has to be made, a remake fee of 20% of retail plus shipping would take effect.   If the ring has a precious metal inlay, the fee is 35% to help cover the material.

Rings can be traded out for other rings of equal or lesser value from Boone inventory stock at any time.  The list is in the Merchant Area.  Rings returned for refund must be within 90 days and would incur a 20% of retail restock fee, or 35% for precious metal inlay rings.

I have read and agree with the terms and conditions