Harrelson Trumpet Case Tag

 This is a handsome stainless steel tag for your trumpet case.  If you own a Harrelson trumpet, you are undoubtedly proud of your purchase and need a case tag worthy of your investment.  The tag is laser cut from a beefy plate of stainless steel and has the iconic Harrelson Trumpets logo laser engraved on the front and your choice of information on the back.  The artwork is deeply engraved and will never scratch off. The top and sides are polished to mirror finish, and the back is done in a brushed finish so that the text is more readable.  I am a proud owner of a Harrelson, and wanted to show my appreciation for his artwork with some of our own. A portion of the proceeds go to Harrelson Trumpets.


In My Humble Opinion:
      Works well in brushed.
Harrelson Trumpet Case Tag

Price $45

Backside Engraving Line 1
Backside Engraving Line 2
Backside Engraving Line 3
Backside Engraving Line 4