Pendant Planks

 This pendant is made up of individual planks, each of which can have your loved one's custom fingerprint and name laser etched permanently into it.  The planks are made from aerospace grade titanium and will last a lifetime.  The back can be engraved with a date or short inscription.  The planks can be applied to an 18" stainless steel that we offer, or you can use your own necklace.  The planks can be added to over the years as your family grows.

Here's some tips on getting a good fingerprint.

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In My Humble Opinion:
      Makes far an awesome gift.
Pendant Planks in Titanium

Price From $95

Stainless Necklace

Pendant Plank 1 Plank 1 Front Engraving
Plank 1 Back Engraving

Pendant Plank 2 Plank 2 Front Engraving
Plank 2 Back Engraving

Pendant Plank 3 Plank 3 Front Engraving
Plank 3 Back Engraving