Aptosaurus 3D Pendant

 For us older folks, we knew this guy as Brontosaurus, the long bodied plant eater. Peaceful, gentle, and very large! Our dino fan art is presented in accurate anatomical detail. The pendant is just over 1 1/2" wide x just over 1" tall (39.5mm x 28mm) and is made from 3 layers of titanium laser welded to a backdrop of black zirconium.  Comes with a jump ring and has the option of an 18" stainless chain.  The back is possible to be laser engraved. No dinosaur collection is complete without it.


In My Humble Opinion:
      Makes for an awesome gift for a pendant or luggage tag.
Aptosaurus 3D Pendant in Titanium and Black Zirconium

Price $195


Backside Engraving
add $10    Font

Stainless Chain