Raptor is a titanium ring with a single retractable blade that pivots out.  It gets its name from the curved slashing claw of the Velociraptor.  The stainless steel blade can be used to open boxes or cut packing tape or can be used as a last line of defense.

The ring is custom made in exactly your size.  The width remains at 6.3mm.  The Brushed finish seems to work best, so I left off those options.  The inside of the ring gets a polished finish for comfort.

 Although the ring can be engraved, the internal lines will affect the letters a bit.  I recommend the Roman font if you will be engraving inside.   


In My Humble Opinion:
     This ring ROCKS!
Raptor Ring in Titanium  

Price $195

Ring Size   

Ring Width

Titanium Grade  

add $10      Font