The Man Ring Ultimate

We took the world's first and only utility ring and made an upgraded version with 10 tools.  It has a working bottle opener, a straight blade perfect for cutting packing tape or fishing line, a fingernail file for when you break a nail away from home, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, a hacksaw for cutting dense wood or light metal, a raptor blade for opening packing tape or other slitting needs, tweezers for picking out a splinter or ingrown hair, pliers for adjusting fishing lures and other wire needs, a screwdriver for whatever needs opening, and a serrated blade for tougher things like nylon strapping, zip ties, or those tough to open heat sealed packages.

The ring is custom made in exactly your size.  The width remains at 9.1mm.  The ring is Polished, although Brushed could work well also.  The inside of the ring is polished for comfort.  Engraving is possible.  I recommend the Roman font if you will be engraving inside. 

The body is made from aerospace grade titanium. The tools are made from stainless steel with the exception of the tweezers and pliers that are made from titanium for its springy properties. The tools open wide for larger applications.  We added a satisfying click feature to the tools in the full closed and open positions.

The Man Ring Ultimate is more than just a ring.  It is a finely engineered and crafted piece of functional art that anyone would be proud to wear.

In My Humble Opinion:
     I love the pliers!
The Man Ring Ultimate Utility Ring in Titanium

Price $395

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Ring Width

Titanium Grade  

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