Hidden Treasure

This unique ring is a great looking square ring, but it has a secret.  It has a special drawer and gear system that allows you to turn a thumbwheel and reveal the hidden treasure.   The stone is safe in its bunker and comes out on command for all to see.  It is securely held in a specially engineered slide that is laser welded so the stone cannot come out.  The ring is made in slices, so the inner workings stay hidden.  The plates are pinned together with solid brass rivets which give the ring an elegant touch.

The ring shown was made in a size 6.5 with a 5mm stone. 


In My Humble Opinion:
      Works well in brushed.
Titanium Hidden Treasure ring

Hover your mouse over the picture to see the ring all closed up.

Price $865

Ring Size   
Titanium Grade  

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