Custom Silhouette Ring

This ring is custom made from YOUR picture.  The ring itself is crafted from aerospace grade titanium and capped with black zirconium for a high contrast black and white representation of your loved one, pet, or just about anything.  The ring shank is 7.5mm wide and very comfortable on a finger.  The artwork part is about 14mm high by 16mm wide, so is big enough to show good detail. 

The artwork is manipulated quite a bit to allow this to work.  It is cropped so the subject is as large as practical, then turned to black and white in such a manner that the white areas can be cut away and the black left standing.  The cutting is done with our powerful cutting laser.  The black zirconium is then laser welded to the titanium shank portion, so the ring is one  solid piece and robust. 

You would email me the photo to  A high resolution jpg from a smart phone works well.


In My Humble Opinion:
     This ring ROCKS!
Custom Silhouette Ring in Titanium and black zirconium

Price $495

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Titanium Grade  

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