Black Zirconium Honeycomb with Color

 This is one of the more beautiful and complex rings we make.  The main part of the ring is crafted from black zirconium, which is a metal somewhat similar to titanium, but is able to turn black, which titanium cannot do.  A special honeycomb plate is made from aerospace grade titanium and cut with the laser to allow contrasting anodized colors to show through.  The colors could be solid or could be a fade from one color to another.  This ring is a size 10 x 9mm, and other rings would be made proportional to that to keep the artwork working well.  The black zirconium is polished. This is a phenomenal ring and is our exclusive design. 


In My Humble Opinion:
      Works well in brushed.  Works best on rings around 8mm wide.
Black Zirconium Honeycomb with Color ring

Price $695

Ring Size   
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Zirconium Finish
Anodized Color
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