The Axes

Axe is a term of endearment for a guitar by those in the business. The Axes ring has four exquisitely detailed guitars around the ring. Not just guitars on a ring, but a guitar ring. Anyone who has ever played one recognizes the classic lines represented by the four guitars. You have the acoustic,  the classic electrics, and a nod to heavy metal.  If you look close, you will see strings, frets, knobs, and all the rest.

The ring shown is a size 10 and a bit over 9mm wide at its widest point. We make the ring width proportionate to that shown so it always looks correct. The ring is both laser engraved and laser cut.

This is possibly one of our coolest rings, and it's the ultimate ring for someone pursuing the craft.


In My Humble Opinion:
     This ring ROCKS!
Axes Ring in Titanium

Price $295

Ring Size   

Ring Width

Titanium Grade