Words To Live By

This ring reminds you of all things that are important to being a complete person.  Things like love, valor, trust, compassion, faith, honor, conviction, serenity and others.  It helps to lift your mood to remember those little things.  The words are arranged in random fonts and sizes and orientations. 

The ring also has the option for you to come up with your own words.  It can be one word repeated several times like a name, a few words like  Live Love Pasta repeated, or can be up to around 30 words that you decide.  You would list them in order of importance in a Notepad .txt file separated by spaces and email that to me. The ring shown is a size 10 x 8mm in a Brushed finish. 


In My Humble Opinion:
      Works well in brushed.  Works best on rings around 8mm wide.
Titanium Words To Live By ring

Front shown. Hover your mouse over the picture to see back.

Price $375
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