Fingerprint Hearts Ring Set

This is a set of rings that can use your very own fingerprints as the design that forms a heart when placed together.  The design is cut into the surface of the titanium rings by our new powerful laser.   A print of your finger can be made by using an ink pad or thin paint and pressing lightly on a piece of blank paper.  A digital picture of a high resolution can be e-mailed or the print can be physically mailed to me to photograph.

Here's some tips on taking a good print.

The ring shown is a size 10 x 8mm and size 6.5 x 6mm 


In My Humble Opinion:
      Works well in brushed.
Titanium Fingerprint Hearts rings

Price $435
Ring 1 Size   
Ring 1 Width
Ring 1 Finish
Ring 1 Profile
Ring 1 Material 
Ring 1 Engraving
add $10      Font

Ring 2 Size   
Ring 2 Width
Ring 2 Finish
Ring 2 Profile
Ring 2 Material 
Ring 2 Engraving
add $10      Font