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"Blown away" was the universal reaction of friends and my jeweler upon reciept of my BALANCE solitaire setting.  I purchased a relatively expensive round diamond ( Gia certified 1.68 triple excellent).  I found the added cost and weight of  gold / platinum prohibitive, but wanted the more trendy and attractive titanium tension setting.  I was hesitant to send the diamond via fedex, but did so after Bruce answered my questions. N.B.( Allow Bruce to set your gem.  The man knows what he is doing and several local jewelers would not touch this job. They have insufficient experience working with Ti.) The unique color of titanium coupled with the increased light flow of these settings made this excellent cut stone "pop".  Once set, the diamond appeared at least two color grades better.  I asked Bruce to mount the diamond so the laser inscribed cert. number was readily discernible.  My jeweler promptly dismissed my only concern!
Great product.  Excellent business.
Cleveland Ohio

I just received my ring today, and yes it was as fast as everyone else has described.  I was a little nervous ordering a ring off the internet, but it was absolutely worth it!  The ring looks just like the one in the picture (I got the Meteorite Ring).  It is a work of art and just perfect! I really mean it, just perfect.  The ring fits better than anything else I have tried on and looks better than I even imagined it would.  When I first opened the ring box, which is awesome in itself, I was completely and utterly blown away.  I am so excited this is the ring I get to wear for the rest of my life!  If I ever do decide to order a ring for anything else I will be going to Boone Rings.  Besides the fact that my ring was completely perfect, the customer service Bruce provides is an added bonus all in itself.  As I was a little nervous, I sent a few emails and they were all immediately answered and completely reassuring that I was making the right choice. He wasn't trying to be a salesman, just making sure I felt comfortable with my choice.  If you are unsure of whether to purchase from Boone Rings, or are considering going elsewhere, don't.  Plain and simple, this is the best choice you can make.  Also, with the warranty and ability to send the ring back for any type of work, FREE, is just too good to pass up. (Even though, unless I want to change the rings finish or get the meteorite lines re etched (As they can wear a little over time, which is clearly stated on his website, I cant imagine why I ever would).  Again, thank you so much for an absolutely perfect ring!!!  - Justin

I ordered my ring on Tuesday at noon, received a confirmation email from Bruce less than five minutes later saying he would get started on the ring, and less than two hours after that, received an email that not only was the ring finished, it would be shipped that day.  On Thursday, the ring arrived and it was perfect.  I couldn't recommend Boone Titanium Rings any more highly.  The service was outstanding and the product perfect.  Thanks, Bruce and Trish!

Real feedback.
It's been five years now, and time for leaving real feedback.
Unmatched quality, design, execution, and professional service. Period. A timeless commitment to love.
If we would all follow the model this company has established, the world would be a better place.
My love of my life, Julie, and myself, hope that the symbol of my ring and all that it stands for, helps everyone believe in the core values that make our civilization great.
Peace to all the Boone ring family,

Bruce and Trish,
Thank you SO much for the most perfect ring I could have imagined! It is exactly what I dreamed of when I decided I wanted to buy him a ring. I can't believe I ordered it Monday, and had it in my hands before I left for work today (Wednesday)! Truly this is the best service I have ever experienced shopping for jewelry. I will recommend you to all my friends! Thanks so much, P

I can't say enough good things about Bruce and Trish. From the first class website to the mind blowing service. My ring is so unique and perfect that it makes people want to go and get married, just for the ring.

We were searching the Internet for titanium wedding bands and we didn't have much time. We were getting married in a week (yep, just one week) and we were losing hope. We had looked in the jewelry stores and what very few titanium rings we did find were plain, overpriced, and not available in a man's size anywhere large enough for what we needed (without a special order that would take too long) and kept hearing "we have gold". That is not what we wanted. We found several websites that had some titanium rings and we kept returning to Boone's Rings. Especially after we saw Boone's Rings offered on some of the other sites. We read the long list of reviews on Mr. Boone's website and found it hard to believe that the rings and service could really be as good as everyone was saying. We took the chance, however and couldn't be happier that we did. The rings are absolutely beautiful and the service was incredible!!! We placed the order on a Saturday night at 7:30 and in 45 minutes had a personal email back saying he was getting started on our rings. On Tuesday morning we received another email letting us know he had completed and shipped the pair of rings the day before...this is less than 48 hours after he got our order!! They shipped the 2-day method we had requested and they arrived Wednesday morning with almost 4 days to spare before our wedding day. We can't begin to express our satisfaction and would tell anyone and everyone who is looking at Mr. Boone's products to take that chance...miracles do happen. Thanks for making believers out of us!!! Stuart & Ginger in Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sunday, May 24, 2009

My fiance and I were concerned that we wouldn't be able to find a ring, and if we did that it wouldn't get to us in time for the wedding. After reading all the positive reviews on the Boone website, we were convinced to place an order. We placed it on tuesday evening (west coast time) and later that night we had confirmation of the order and Bruce told us he would get started. By wednesday morning the ring was finished and on its way! I received it Friday morning and it is perfectly sized, artfully made, and exactly what we wanted! Thank you! Kyle

My fiance wanted something non-traditional as a wedding ring and we searched and searched and found Boone Rings online. He fell in love with the carbon fiber inlay ring. We decided to wait until we had the funds to buy the ring, replacing it with something inexpensive for the time being. I decided to buy the ring as a surprise - what's more important - a ring that will last a lifetime or one more appetizer at the reception? Not only did Bruce create it and have it ready in less than two days, it's absolutely spectacular! His ring box is beautiful, and his workmanship impeccable. I can't wait to see this ring on my man's finger! Thanks a million, Bruce.

Bruce, I just received my ring this morning.........after just placing the order yesterday ! I can't believe how quick the turnaround time was .......but nevermind all that, the ring is PERFECT! The fit, finish, quality and price made it impossible to consider going anywhere else for this ring. Thanks for helping guide me to the ring I really wanted and at a price that is too good to be true. Now I just have to wait an excruciatingly long 2 month's until I can put it on for good. Thanks for all your help, for making the exact ring I wanted the first time, and for delivering on every guarantee. You have a customer for life. Best regards, Cory & Donna

I ordered a ring a month before I needed it, thinking it would take a while to make and then the rest of the time for delivery! How wrong I was, I ordered the ring on New Year's Day and Bruce replied within 20mins to say he would make a start on it. I didn't expect for a second that they would start work on it on an international holiday! It was finished the following day and arrived 5 days later. I am so pleased with my order and I can't wait to see my fiancé's face when I give it to him! Thank you so much. I would recommend Boone Rings to everyone!!! FANTASTIC SERVICE!"
Jenny from England

My girl is absolutely in love with her ring. She has gotten so many compliments on it, it’s ridiculous. It matches her personality so well…unique, bold, beautiful. Elegant and modern at the same time. This ring looks like it’s worth over 10g’s. I visited every booth in New York’s famous diamond district and not one person can touch what you offer. The best part is I still have enough money left to take my girl on a year-long honeymoon. You gave us a perfect start to a great life together. Your customer service was huge in my decision…I really appreciated the quick & personal responses to my questions. The turnaround time is mind boggling…how do you do it? Thanks again! Rory R.

Dear Bruce and Trish,
We cannot come up with the words for how much we love this ring! However, enough time has passed that we don't want to wait any longer.
The ring is stunning. People at my work just can't get enough of the spectacular setting. I find I get distracted myself! You did a superior job. The workmanship is amazing and the shine, THE SHINE!! And so quickly! We couldn't believe how soon we had the ring right on my finger!
As soon as Brian gets his finger sized, we'll be in contact again!
Thank you for your time, consultation, and this beautiful ring. You are extraordinary.
Lynne and Brian

Bruce, I have to say I am truly impressed with everything you have done.   The ring is absolutely awesome, just the way I wanted it. Even though it was probably old hat to you, your patience in working with me to get it how I wanted it is much appreciated. I am so glad that after 2 weeks of looking on the internet that I found your site at the last minute. It is a breath of fresh air to work with someone personally rather than the run of the mill ...order, pay, and wait routine, especially with something as important as a wedding ring. You can bet that I will be highly recommending you to anyone I know looking for a ring. Bruce, it has been my pleasure to deal with a professional such as yourself.  Feel free to use me as a reference anytime you should need it. Thanks again, Ed.....

I have the rings that you have made, my wife and i love them completely! I must say that after receiving it and wearing it a week, I've literally beat the hell out of mine at work and the thing is hardly scratched! My wife and i have noticed that they are so comfortable and light, we rarely notice while wearing them that we even have them on. My father-in-law was so impressed at the rings, we are getting one made for him too! Thank you for your wonderful product Bruce! S P

Damn you're good. FT

Bruce & Trish
Have just received the ring - it's perfect! Even better than it looked on your website, and certainly way better than the ones you can get in jewellers over here - they've only got maybe 4 different ones, and they're all awful.
We have been overwhelmed by the promptness, efficiency and friendliness of your service - from website through to delivery, and will certainly recommend you to everyone.
What a pleasurable buying experience, and what a great ring! All set for our wedding on May 30th.
Best regards. Roger & Rachel

I have a titanium wedding band that I orderedfrom Boone's Rings for my wedding. Thisorder was placed last minute. I had one week to get the ring, before I went out to Jackson Hole, WY for my wedding. Bruce was able to make the ring, and deliver within a couple days! I have had my ring almost one year now, and I wear this ring all the time. I am very active - snowboarding (wore the ring the whole rest of my wedding trip, which included hiking backcountry snowboarding), wakeboarding, skateboarding, and my ring never comes off,and does not bother me at all. Everyone I talk to with wedding bands compares weight and notices how light weight my ring is. Most of the guys I know that are married do not even wear their rings!! (shame on you!) They say that the rings are too heavy, get in the way, and just not practical for every day wear. People who do not have wedding bands yet, definitely consider titanium as an option, and are very intrigued by this ring for a wedding band. The ring is absolutely perfect, and is wearing very well. My wife loves the ring, and it is the most comfortable ring I have ever had. The fit is exact - first time around, no resizing!! The turn around time is unbeatable, even if you bought from a walk instore. Bruce provides the most professional, prompt service I have ever received. Especially considering that I was ordering something like this online. The craftsmanship is amazing. Boone Rings will always have my business and referrals.
Thank you so much Bruce and Trish!
Best regards, Ryan & Amanda

Hi Bruce,
I received the fantastic ring you created for me on Friday. The beautiful job you did on the ring is only exceeded by your impeccable service. Your efforts and swift communication though out the process is very much appreciated and resulted in my ring being exactly what I asked for.
I love the titanium. I'm not sure anyone can understand what a difference the titanium makes in comfort until they try it. I specifically ordered my ring tight and it is, but because of its light weight (and the design of the ring) it does not feel as though it's even on my finger.
Thanks for your care in setting my unusual stone and my many other special requests. I have often not found that kind of accommodation elsewhere. Working with you has been a joy. Please feel free to provide my name and email as a reference if you like.
Sincerely, steve Klohn

Bruce -
My apologies for waiting 2 days since receiving my ring to tell you how ecstatic I am. My time has been occupied standing on street corners showing it to random passersby. It's truly beautiful, and exactly as I dreamed it. The metal is so much more spectacular than any picture portrays. I'm already thinking of the next one I'll have you make. Bruce, you are the epitome of business on the web, and an example for other artists. The level of customer service you provided me - from design through to completion - is unsurpassed by any other e-purchase I have ever made. I never had an ioda of hesitation to spend $1500 on a creation worth every penny. And your turnaround time is extraordinary.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you for all the care and attention you put into the titanium wedding rings you made for my partner and me.
Celso's ring was especially tricky because it had to accommodate a large diamond, but with patience and imagination you provided exactly what we wanted.
Now that I've worn my ring for a while, I'm convinced that titanium is the most logical and practical material for wedding rings. Plus, it has an exotic luster that in my opinion makes it as rich and complex a metal aesthetically as gold or platinum. The fact that it costs and weighs a fraction of those "traditional" metals is just icing on the wedding cake.
So thank you once again for so meeting our high expectations, and providing rings we will treasure the rest of our lives.
Best regards, John M and Celso R, Oakland Hills, CA

Dear Bruce & Trish,
I just received the ring today. Needless to say, it is stunning. What made the appreciation all the greater was, between the setting and a recent purchase of the diamond I am going to use for the engagement ring, I was really nervous. The fact that your shop was online, at first had me concerned. I have never made such a large purchase online before. Your rapid replies and continuing communication followed by the delivery of such an amazing ring, only proved to me there was nothing to worry about. Though my fiancée doesn’t know that this is in the works, every person I have shown the ring to, has been simply blown away. I could continue to babble on about how pleased I am with the quality of the ring, but I will simply say, thank you.
Sincerely Forest R

Hi Bruce,
I just wanted to let you know that I got my ring today and I am so happy with it! It is a wonderful piece of art. I am amazed by your talent and the speed in which you work. It has been a true pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for making such a beautiful and unique engagement ring for me. Now shopping for holidays and birthdays has just gotten easier for Russ. Hahaha. We will probably be contacting you soon about a matching wedding ring. Once again, thank you for your fabulous work.
Jennifer & Russ

Thank you so much....!!!! We received the rings the other day, and as we suspected they are perfect!!!
Thank You again Bruce, Philip

We just received our ring and it is phenomenal...the mokume gane is amazing. We can't wait for our wedding day so Paul can actually wear it. It is better than we could have imagined. Thank you so much. Your work is wonderful.
Marianne and Paul.

Mr. Boone, I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much I enjoy the engagement ring that you custom designed for me. What you produced was exactly what we had in mind. I love everything about this ring; how light it is, the way it fits my finger, and its comfort. It is elegant and every time I look at it I smile. Several people comment on how beautiful and stunning the piece is, I’ve mention your name and website to all of them. Thank you for the time and care you put into my ring. It is truly special and unique.
Thanks- Heather

(She just received the diamond ring two days after the diamond was shipped.

It's Fabulous!!! I can hardly stand it, this will be the longest 10 weeks of my life! I can not thank you enough!!!!!

Bruce & Patricia
I just received the ring today...and I only ordered it two days ago! Wow. That is outstanding turnaround. I am always concerned about spending money on line. However you gave me no worries. Your professionalism to stay in touch via email whilst I awaited my delivery set me at ease greatly.
You made selecting a ring very easy and stress free. Coming from a guy who knows nothing about rings and would have otherwise spent weeks in a store pulling my hair out that is a bold statement.

I appreciate the super secure and wrapping job to ensure it would arrive to me undammaged. Took some work to get the package open and that is a good thing. I only wish more people would take the time to secure a package such as you do.

I am very immpressed with the ring. It is much better then I was anticipating. The pictures on your website do not do the actual product justice at all. It looks so much better in person. Considering they look really great on your website, I was really surprised.

Thank you for making what could have been a very stressfull and hard decision a carefree one. Now I just have to wait two weeks to make the finale delivery.

I received the ring you sent. It is absolutely wonderful! I have been very excited about this ring and you have made exactly what I had in mind.

I am very impressed with the work you have done. More importantly, I am very satisfied with your service.

If anyone is skeptical about ordering a ring from Boonerings because it's an online store, DON'T be!
Bruce & Trish Boone will satisfy your jewelry expectations with quality and service.
Thank you Bruce and Trish.
Daniel T

Hi Bruce and Trish,
As you are probably aware, the rings arrived yesterday. They are beautiful!!!. The tension ring seemed a bit loose on Carole’s finger when she first put it on, but this morning it was quite snug…so we think the fit is just right. Your lightning fast service is still hard to fathom…I remain stunned (and very impressed). I own my own business and you have certainly set the bar for customer service VERY HIGH!! Rest assured, we will highly recommend our friends to you (our enemies we’ll send to your SLOW competitors!!). Thank you again, you have created a beautiful ring that we will enjoy for many years to come.

WOW!!!!Excellent Craftsmanship, Excellent Customer Service, Excellent Communication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have given the ring to my wife and she is very happy. You were able to help me give her a mother's ring that is totally unique.I hope to do business with you in the future.
Thank you.

Hi Bruce,
Okay, you've made me a believer. . . . The ring is fantastic and your turn around time is truly amazing (24 hours)! My fiance loves it. I had to pry it from his fingers to get it back! We've been to jewelry stores where they might have a few titanium rings but nothing compared to the selection you have. It's by far the best I've seen. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name. Best,
Joanna P, Massachusetts

We got the ring today and it is absolutely gorgeous!!! Even more perfect than we thought it would be!! Thank you so much and we will be sure to pass your name on to many...as the matter of fact, I like the band so much, I think I want my band to be a matching one!!! I will contact you soon if I decide to do it.

Once again, thank you for such a perfect ring!!!! Blair

I got the ring today, and I am at a loss for words. It is 10 fold better than I expected. Everyone that I have shown it to said it is the coolest ring they had ever seen. Guess what, and its mine. Thanks a million. You have made my wedding complete.
Thanks again,

I got my ring today, they said they tried to deliver the other day but I was home and didn't hear the door...ANY WAY.........
it is WONDERFUL!!! IT is perfect... all I have been wanting and looking for and more...

I may not want to add stones to it ...that might ruin the simple beauty of two lines converging into each other.... And I paid a fraction of the cost compaired to other sites namely one my brother used to get his and his wife's rings at!!!!!

They may have started the Abyss ring for the movie. But you perfected it... I was begining to get worried I might be let down but no...you exceeded all my hopes...thanks for making my dreams real with an heirloom quality ring....

Can you make a matching band with that finish on it ,the brushed one, in a 2 or 3 mm that will accomadate stones and look good with my band???? I may just order another.....WOW!!!!!!!

Thank you! thank you! thank you!!!!
The rings are FANTASTIC!!! It's a shame we have to wait until the wedding to wear them. We also really appreciated the fast responses to our e-mails and the speedy delivery.
Thanks again!

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for taking care of things so quickly. Quite frankly, it's simply amazing how fast your turnaround time has been. I've really enjoyed working with you to get the exact ring that I was after, and I appreciate your immediate and detailed responses to all of my questions. Because of your speed and quality work, I not only impressed my fiancee, but also my coworkers who were skeptical about getting a great ring over the internet.
Thanks again!

Dear Bruce,
My ring just arrived.....PERFECT! Your quality is first-rate, not to mention your pricing and speed of service! I only have one question: How much work can you handle? Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.
Sincere Thanks,
Matt Richey Arvada, Colorado

I just received the ring today. I cannot elaborate enough in regard to how perfect it is. Once again I thank you dearly and take care.

Hi Bruce.
The rings arrived today, and we are just as pleased and dazzled with them as we hoped and thought we would be. You do outstanding work. We love the darkness of the satin band in the center of each ring--such a striking contrast to the polished edges and to the moissanite. And you've completely indulged our "instant gratification drive"; we're absolutely thrilled to be wearing our beautiful rings now rather than waiting for months from now. I find myself stopping what I'm doing and just gazing at this lovely piece of art on my finger. I caught Mike doing the same thing just a few minutes ago, so it's not just me. We both love what you've done! Thanks so much for doing such wonderful work, and for such an easy and pleasant experience. I'll recommend you to anyone that wants unique, non- traditional (and in my opinion far superior to traditional) wedding rings.

Hi Bruce and Trish
The rings are exquisite! They are the icing on the cake for our 25th anniversary in St. Barts. Your work is beautiful and to be able to do it so quickly is unbelievable. Thanks for making a special occasion so much more!!
Mike and Mindy

Hi Bruce,
I got the ring in today's mail and showed it to my fiance right away (couldn't wait). It looks great and he really likes it... he went so far as to say "I told you we should have eloped, now I have to wait until September to wear it!" Thanks for the great job and fast delivery.

Hello Bruce,
I just received the rings today and I have to tell you that they are PERFECT. The quality and sizing are simply PERFECT. I've owned a Titanium ring costing almost twice as yours but your rings are far better. I'm absolutely happy with them. Thank You Bruce.
A Satisfied Customer, David J

I received the ring today and it is perfect. I would like to compliment you all. You achieved in three days that which Bailey, Banks and Biddle took eight weeks to botch four times. Not only is the ring exactly what I wanted, the attention and service I got in a crunch was impeccable and greatly appreciated. Thank you. Kyle

The lady loved it. She knew what Titanium was but never actually felt it. It was beautiful and she can't stop thanking me for it. Definitely a very sentimental gift. Turnaround time was as fast as you can ask for!
If you'd like to add my comments to the testimonials section, go right ahead. Definitely well deserved for the work.
Thanks again.

Trish & Bruce,
We got the ring Tuesday morning. It is perfect! We are very happy with it. I am definitely spreading the word about your site.
Thank you,

I am a bit disappointed with your service. I order a ring at 7:19 AM and get a notice of completion on 7:17 AM the following day! That's only 23 hours 58 minutes for a custom ring order! If you can't speed up your production process a bit more I don't see how you will survive in an era of 6-week lead times. HA HA HA
Great job to all involved,

A million thanks to you and Bruce for doing such a wonderful job with our wedding bands! I apolgize for all the hassle and cant tell how grateful and pleased we are with the rings and your service. You are incredible and I will definitely be telling everyone about the terrific job your company does. Thanks again and god bless.

I received the ring today. It looks great.....everything I expected it to be! Nice work!
Thanks again,

Hi Bruce,
I received my ring yesterday that I ordered from you, and I love it! It's exactly what I had in mind, and appreciate you following the custom specs that I supplied for no extra charge. The finish is flawless and I am amazed at the finished product! I really look forward to wearing a ring of substantial size without a lot of weight to it; titanium is awesome! I sincerely appreciate the prompt responses to all of my e-mails, and the incredible turnaround time. This ring went from just an idea in my head on Tuesday to being on my finger on Saturday - you're incredible!
Thanks again!

I will most definately be ordering another ring from you. Fast service, kind prices, and quality work! Who would actually think that you could get all three!Thanks for making my wedding a hit!

Dear Ms. Boone,
I just received my ring yesterday (Friday). I love it! Thank you so much for working so quickly- and making it exactly as I needed. I've been wearing it only a day and already my office is abuzz over titanium.
Well done indeed!

Hi Bruce,
I just got my Midchannel ring yesterday in the mail (very quick turn around) and am extremely pleased with it. You are right in that polished titanium looks just like platinum, and I can't believe how light it is. I would have sworn it was made of plastic until I set it down on the table and heard the unmistakable ringing of metal. What I need now is to talk you into making me a suit of titanium plate armor. How about it?
Thanks again for the speed of your work--I am very impressed.

Hey Bruce,
Ordering her 4th ring!

You really set a record with your response time this time! My cousin loves the ring! She's worN it right out of the box and has not taken it off since. Thanks again Bruce :)

Hi Bruce,
We received our rings today (I was shocked to get mail on Sunday!) They are beautiful! The fit is perfect for both rings. I have been "test-driving" mine for the past few hours and it is very comfortable. I can't wait until Friday so I can officially wear it. I cannot thank you enough for getting these to us in such a short time--from order to delivery in just 5 days! The other company I almost got my rings from took 5 days just to reply to my inquiry! You are truly a professional and an artist. I know you have a lot of happy customers, but if you ever need another reference, please use my name. I hope we will be able to do business again. I may have to send Santa Claus your web address! haha!
Many thanks!
Doneta P soon-to-be S

You are the man! I hope to do more business with you in the future!

The rings just came in the mail today. They look great! Better than I had expected...and they came faster than I had expected. I'm glad that we chose to order them from you. I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks for everything. -Jake

Dear Bruce,
John and I just received our titanium rings today...eventually they will be our wedding bands. We are extremely impressed with the quality of these rings...they are more beautiful in person than we could have imagined. We received these rings in less than a week since our order date--wow!
Thank you for your help with our upcoming wedding.
Heather and John

What unbelievable service!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. C really wanted to be able to give it to me before she leaves for Thailand. We are so excited. I will let you know tomorrow when it arrives.
Again, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C and C

Bruce and Trish,
We just received the ring--unbelievably beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for your advice, you were right on the money. And I have never seen such great service. Our wedding is in January and we will be ordering one for her to match.
Again, thank you for making this such a special occasion for us.
C and C

Thank you, thank you, thank you -on such short notice - I did receive the ring today(thursday) in time for us to leave so I will surprise him with a ring when we elope this weekend. It was even better than I expected so I will refer you to others. Again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

I wanted to thank you for getting our rings to us so quickly. You must have mailed them out over the weekend, we received them on Monday, before you could have possibly received our payment, although it should be there today or tomorrow. I wanted to tell you the rings are beautiful, exactly what we wanted. You surpassed our expectations, and I will refer everyone we know to you . I wanted to thank you for running such a class operation, we will cherish our rings. I look forward to doing some more business with you in the future.

Trish and Bruce
The ring arrived today, thank you. Not sure who was more excited my wife or myself. I LOVE it.. thanks...also a few photos of the ring.. i am happy..thanks again

Hi Bruce,
I got the ring last night. It looks amazing!! The pics on the website don't do your rings justice. I have already received many comments & will send interested folks your way. Thanks again!

I received the ring yesterday. It is perfect-I love it and my fiance Lauren also loves it. Thanks for the incredible service and beautiful product. We are getting married next Saturday and finding a ring was becoming stressful. But no longer. I will definitely spread word of your work when the opportunity arises. Thank you again

Just a quick note of thanks! My fiancee' and I received the pair of rings you made for us a few weeks ago...they look great, fit fine, and we're thrilled. We're dutifully spreading the word about the wonders of titanium wedding bands and your craftsmanship, speed, and low prices.
Thanks again, and best of luck,
John S

Thanks so much Bruce-they're perfect! I'm wearing the engagement one already and I can't stop looking at it. The stone is so pretty:)
You did a great job.
Thanks again!

I received the ring on Tuesday, February 22, 2000; Thank you so much. The ring is perfect, it is just what I wanted. The craftsmanship is great! Thank you so much for the short turnaround. Great Job, and I will send business your way from now on. Once again, thank you so much

Not long after I emailed you, my fiancee showed up at my work wearing the ring saying, "Look what I found!" I just wanted to tell you that I got it on thursday and it is gorgeous. It is 10 times nicer than in the picture and I love it alot. Thank you very much for all your assistance. I will definately be recommending anyone I know that is looking for a nice ring to you from now on out. Thanxs alot

I just got my ring in the mail yesterday. Looks great! The polish is superb and the lightweight is just what I was after. I will say that I am glad I did not order my Litespeed in the polished finish, after seeing the ring, it would have made a better hood ornament than a bike! The fit is perfect, thanks for the custom size. From now on, I will lean on everyone I know to get one of these!

Dear Bruce,
I just wanted to let you know that I recieved the rings yesterday. They are exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much. Also, thanks for getting them back to me so quickly. You do excellent work. Thank you again!
Jill C

I finally got a chance to go to the Post Office on Friday and pick up the rings. They are perfect, we absolutely LOVE them! Thank you so much for helping us out so quickly. The only bad thing is that he didn't want to wait until the wedding to wear it, so I had to pull it off his finger and hide it!! :-)
Thanks again,
H H and M M

Hey Bruce,
WOW! You are a fast worker!!! We are SO pleased with the ring you made for Mark. It looks great. We can't thank you enough for being so efficient and timely... We will definately recommend you to my brother who wants a titanium ring for his September wedding. Thanks again.
Julie and Mark

hi bruce,
I received the wedding ring today, and I LOVE IT!!!! It is exactly what I wanted!!! I let my fiance try it on and he loves it too!! Thank you so much and I will keep you in mind for future rings!
Thank you

We received the ring this am. It is beautiful! The value of your service is unmatched! I will recommend you to anyone in the market! Thanks again!!

Hi Bruce!
(She bought a diamond engagement ring)
Steve and I are leaving for the East Coast tomorrow nite, so I thought I'd just drop you a quick line. Everyone who has seen my ring has been admiring it!!!! You have outdone yourself!!! I love the way it looks, feels, and the easy care way I can do anything and not worry that I will damage it.
I work in a hospital with primarily jewelryholic women (I am probably the only non-jewelry holic one there) and every one has admired it. It sparkles so, and looks very elegant and classy. And it also doesn't catch onto latex gloves, which is a great big plus!!!
I will be visitng my daughter up in Sonoma County the last week of vacation and she is dying to see it, too. I have described it to her, but a description can't come close to actually seeing it.

Dear Trish & Bruce- I got the ring today! It's Great! I can't believe how quickly it got here. And the price, Wow! You were great to work with everything in life should be so easy. Thanks again, another happy custmer,

Thank you SO much for the beautiful bands ! We ordered the radius maximus for myself and my fiancee and I must tell you THEY ARE PERFECT !!!!! Not only were they exactly what we envisioned when we started looking for wedding rings , the fit was perfect on both. I have sent your link to several of my friends and I hope they do business with you ! I made a point of telling them how inexpensive they were in comparison to others we saw and of how fast we got them. Thank you for helping us make this special day just that much more special . - L.Kelly

Dear Trish and Bruce,
I got the rings yesterday and am very pleased. Mine fits perfect and I'll check the fit on my fiance's later this week. Thanks for such quick service and good work. You have contributed to a very special event in my life. Thank you. All the best,

I just want you to know that I received his ring today and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you! I didn't realize how lightweight it as going to be and that is exactly what he wanted! Thank you for your work and time and we couldn't be happier. I will tell you one thing, the photo of the ring does not do it justice!
Thank you again!

I got the ring this morning and it is beautiful. My girlfriend couldn't even come close on guessing what it is made of but she loved it.
Thanks so much,

Bruce, thank you so much....you were right, it is a beautiful ring!! I think David will be very happy with it when he sees it!! Wow, that was easy....thanks again for all of your correspondence and help.

Hi Bruce!
I got the ring yesterday in the mail. It looks perfect! The fit is just right and it's totally unique! It's also very light, but substantial-looking. It's stylin', but not flashy...exactly how I want it. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into it. It shows in the finish quality of the ring. You obviously have this stuff down! The only problem is, I have to wait till September to wear it! My fiancee and I are planning on buying rings for each other for our first anniversary. We would like you to make them also. I will be in touch with you about that in about a year. In the meantime, I will recommend you to anyone looking for a Ti ring. Thanks again!

I appreciate and enjoy the fine craftmanship you put into your work. Expect me to be a loyal customer and advocate of your products. -SP

I looked at other places selling titanium wedding rings for $180 & up. Boones web site explained more and made more sense than any of the others. It was so easy to order the ring and his feedback was extremly fast. I placed my order on tuesday and received the ring on thursday. The ring was perfect !!!! I would suggest getting a ring from Boone ASAP.
Thank you
Matt K

I got them - they're perfect. Thanks for the super-fast delivery.
Have a great holiday.
Regards - John

I recieved the ring just fine! It looks great! Very nice workmanship! Everyone who has seen it loves it. Thank you very much! -LM

Finally got a chance to see the ring in person last night. Its simply stunning. And it looks wonderful on Melissa. It makes me happy that everything worked out so nicely. I am anxious to order her wedding band in a few months here. I may also order a ring for myself too. I Like that Bali design.

I recieved the ring yesterday, and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank's for having the ring ready in a matter of days!!!!
Angie & Andrew

I received the rings on saturday, it was perfect timing, just before we were leaving for the weekend! My ring fits like it was custom designed for my exact finger! I love the ring!!!!! Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!
sincerely, nikki

Hi Bruce,
The ring arrived late yesterday. IT'S GORGEOUS! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Hope hubby likes it! Thanks again for all your great communication and beautiful craftmanship. -Sue

We actually love it so much we want another :)
I need to get some $ transferred into Paypal and then I'll let you know the specifics.
This ring is fabulous, I really mean that. We knew it would be great, but we were definitely "wowwed". We'd like something that matches for me, not exact, but complimenting and more feminine.
The engagement ring I have is more of a square cut so I think the band should be one of the flat styles... maybe with a matching groove? Have a suggestion? The engagement ring width is (I have nothing with mm on it!)) about 2 nickels wide? I'll try to clarify that if I can.
Thank you SO much, this has been so much fun and we are truly happy with our decision!!
I'll be in touch,

Hi Bruce,
I just recieved the ring. I am very happy with the way it has turned out. I think it is incredible, you've made a definite work of art. I hope that she likes it as much as I do.
Now I have the "hard" part of proposing, though now with the ring I am much more at ease.
Thank you very much

Wow...that was so fast! I rec'd the ring today and it is so GREAT!! Thanks for the great service...EK

We received the wedding bands on Saturday, and they look GREAT! We absolutely love them. They both fit perfectly, and feel so light. You did a wonderful job, based on the information we sent you, and you were so professional. It was a pleasure to do business with you.
I will keep you posted on the engagement ring. Given how happy I am with what you have done so far, I would say it is a sure bet -- it's just a matter of when.
If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me! -C

We wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our custom made ring (the crossed grooves ring). The ring has very clean lines and is meticulously finished. Even better, it arrived under one week. We wish you success in your business. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. We will definately recommend your services to others.
I and T

Dear Bruce,
Just a note to tell you that L has been wearing his ring just to see how it would work for him and it fits well and there is absolutely no reaction to the metal. He is totally satisfied with it. And he gets comments on it all the time. Good ones, that is. Thank you once again for your time and help in this matter. If we ever meet anyone that has the same problem, we will suggest they contact you.
M & L

Recvd the ring this morning! Looks GREAT! I like the brushed look with polished edges very much! Thanks again to you both for the excellent help. I will always recommend Boone Ti rings when friends mention future marriages. Thanks Bruce, tomorrow is the BIG day and I'll be proud to wear this ring.

My mom got the ring TODAY! I can't believe the mail is that fast! Anyways, she says it is beautiful, so thanks so much. If you ever need anyone to sing the praises of your company, save my email address, for you will always be able to count on me and Scott for a great comment or two!
Thanks for everything...J K

I received the ring today. It is absolutely amazing! I am definitely a satisfied customer! I'm thinking of putting together a website for my new bride and I to share photos of the wedding, etc., would you mind if I link to your site? I'm definitely going to recommend your rings to all of my friends.
Thanks again for the extremely fast turnaround!
Keep up the superb work! -Jason

I wanted to take a couple of days to react to the ring. I waited until it felt comfortable. But I have to tell you, right out of the box it was MY ring. That reaction didn't go away, so I remain pretty pleased with what we did. I think it was incredible how easily we communicated across the country, and how closely the ring looked like what I had in my head when we started out. Many, many thanks! E

I GOT THE PACKAGE TODAY! The wedding rings are beautiful! Exactly what I wanted. LK

The ring looks incredible!!! You did a great job on it! This is a ring I will be proud to wear for the rest of my life! Thank you! Kim

Got the ring on Saturday and both Kendra and I love it! Thanks for a superb job. The quality, and the speed of delivery were impeccable. I have already recommended you to others. Thanks again. The future Mr. & Mrs. O

The wedding rings are simply incredible! Truly perfect, a fitting symbol of the strength of our devotion to each other and love-everlasting. Thanks again, you've made our wedding just that much more perfect.
Charles and Anna

We received the rings on Saturday--4 days after we ordered them! They're truly amazing. Thanks for the superb work!
Arlen & Kristina

Dear Bruce,
I received my ring a couple of weeks ago and I must say that I was amazed at the speed at which you finished my order. The ring is beautiful and is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for offering these rings for such a reasonable price. My fiancee likes it very much. In fact she covets it so much that I need to order one for her, despite the fact that I already have a wedding ring for her. I bet you hear this story all the time.
Thank you again for the great service that you perform. You are enough to give the internet a good name.
Paul S

The ring is absolutely beautiful. I don't know if I will be able to wait to give it to him. I truly appreciate the quick turnaround and your complete professionalism. I will recommend you to all of my friends. (Laura and Jeff are looking for titanium)
Thank you!

Hey Bruce,
I just received the package, and it looks fabulous! Absolutely the best! I hope it was some fun to make, as well.
Kind regards and best wishes for the new year,

We have our rings! They are perfect, and you sent them in a very timely manner! Thank you very much! We love them! M and B

Hi Bruce; Thanks again for reworking the ti.....they are excellent now....both fit well and were received yesterday....will recommend you to others that are interested.... Laddie

I got my wedding ring this morning. Needless to say, I am impressed. Your quality and craftsmanship are second to none. Your attention to detail is apparent, as is your level of commitment to your buyer. I could not have been happier if I had come to you in person to get fit. I ordered on a Thursday evening, and the ring was here on a Tuesday, and that was a holiday weedend!!, Amazing. The ring is perfect, exactly as I asked for in every detail. The comfort fit is great, and the size is dead on. Great ring, exceptional prices. Man am I glad I stumbled across your site. Please add me to your ever growing list of satisfied customers. Thanks again - M W

Hi Bruce, This evening I received the ring you made. Thank you, it is absolutely awesome. Elijah

It's Roberta D. You just sent me a wavy dual ring so I could use it as a wedding band. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I am typically a person who's NOT easily impressed. However, I thought you should know, that I'm VERY IMPRESSED with the work you did. YOU MADE ONE VERY COOL RING!!!!!! And the profile is just what I was looking for. THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!
a very happy...Roberta

Dear Bruce & Trish,
I'm happy to say that I've received the ring you made for me. The ring is beautiful and it fits perfectly. It's so light in weight, it doesn't even feel like I have a ring on. I love it! Thanks for making it so quickly. I'll certainly recommend you to friends!

Well, i am wearing the ring now...and it is beyond what i expected...i have already received numerous compliments today :-)
i would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for not only working so well with me but also for providing this venue for obtaining a ring of this quality for the price you offer it...it is incredible. it is very likely i will order another in the near future for my significant other...i will be in touch in regard to that :-)
take care, have a great day and, again, thank you - M.A.

Hi Bruce,
I ordered a ring from you for my August wedding, well we just got back from our honeymoon and things have settled down a bit so I thought I'd drop you a line about how much I like my ring! As soon as I opened the package I was pleased, the finish and most important the fit were great! Really super quality I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks, M E

Got the ring- it looks and fits GREAT! Thanks for the fast turn around time. I'll definitely recommend you to others.
thanks again.

We received the rings on Saturday afternoon. We are very pleased with them. They are everything we expected them to be, excellent work!! We love the comfort fit. It gives the ring a very smooth feeling when it's on your finger. The opposing finishes on the rings actually compliment each other quite nicely. I have a jeweler I've known for almost 10 years. You can understand that I was hesitant to buy over the internet from someone I did not know. I took a risk and it was well worth it. Your internet site and pictures, professionalism in answering all my questions via e-mails, and the quality of your titanium rings has very much satisfied me as a customer. Feel free to use my positive feedback for your business.
Good luck & much success to you and your business. Thanks! G B

Got the ring and pendant today, very sweet. I am very stoked to say the least and just wanted to pass it along. One more satisfied customer! Don't be surprised if you see more business soon from here when the gang from work sees the stuff. I'll let you know. Thanks again. M

I continue to get compliments on my ring. Most think it is platinum, and I don't even know I have it on it is so light. I never take it off and it gets beat up regularly. Gold or Platinum would be ready for replacement at this stage. CJF

Hey Bruce,
I was so surprised to get the rings in the mail today -- boy, even with ordering special cutters, your turn-around time is simply incredible! The rings are truly a work of art -- you got every last detail right and they even look better than the picture on TitaniumEra.com! I can't wait to wear mine and give my husband his (gotta wait a couple of months yet!). I'm sure you get a bunch of emails like this every day, but I want you to know that your craftsmanship will make our anniversary a very special one. You make incredible jewelry for a great price and other ring makers should learn that from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
P.S. I will surely recommend you to anyone who asks about the ring. Also, hopefully, we can do business again in the future (once I come up with more crazy ideas ;) )!

i want to thank you for the ring you made me some time ago. i have not taken the ring off since i have received it in the mail. i love it, and when people ask me about it i tell them about it.
thank you-P L

Hello again!
I received the ring today and just wanted to say thank you. It's beautiful and fits perfectly. My fiance, Isaac, is very happy with it and he's so excited to wear it. Our wedding is in September and with all the headaches and stresses involved in planning, it's nice to come across a reliable and dependable person to provide us with a much needed service. Thank you again and I will recommend your services to everyone I know. Hopefully, we will be doing business with you again.

I got the ring today. It looks great!! Thanks so much for sending it so quickly. I showed it to my friend and she wants to order one for her fiancee. Thanks again, Emilee

Hey I just wanted to let you know just how much I love my ring. The ring was delivered in less than a week from the time it was ordered and I must say it is beautiful! I have received many compliments on it and Im proud to tell them that it was HAND made by you. The fit and feel is perfect. Thanks again for a wonderful wedding band that I will cherish always.

I got home last night - Monday, and the parcel was on my doormat. Couldn't believe how quickly it got here. It fitted perfectly and was fantastic quality etc. Thank you for the quick service. Kate<

Bruce, Robin my new bride and I enjoyed our Honeymoon down the coastline to San Francisco. We had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the LACK of a phone ringing. My new ring feels great and I've already received several compliments on it from total strangers. I made sure they know of your website.
Thanks again Bruce, yet another fine product from Boone Titanium! Stay in touch,Michael

Greetings Bruce,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that I received my ring yesterday. Let me just say thanks for the truly excellent service :-) I wish everyone I do business with could be so helpful and responsive!
As for the ring itself, it is nothing short of amazing! The craftsmanship is beyond excellent, all of my specifications were met with superb accuracy, and the fit is absolutely perfect. This ring would be a bargain at double the asking price! The quality of your work coupled with the incredible lightness and unique appearance of titanium makes this a wedding ring that I'm going to enjoy wearing almost as much for what it is, as for what it represents :-)
It has been a real pleasure doing business with you. Thanks again for the great service and rest assured that if I ever have an opportunity to send more customers your way, I will not hesitate to do so.
Regards,- D K

I received it today! I can't believe I got it so quickly. It's perfect! Thanks! Lorie

hello bruce,
i just wanted to thank you. i never expected to see the ring so soon. it looks perfect.
thanks again, brian b.

I received my ring yesterday...just a day after my check cleared the bank...and I am very happy with it. Part of the reason I was a little wary of ordering without a credit card is that I have ordered things from the www, including a titanium ring before yours, that I was not very happy with the quality or look. It is very hard to actually know if you will like something from a picture on the internet, but the choices of rings in the stores are very limited. I was concerned about a liberal return policy because of the fact that I already ordered and returned one ring from someone else.
Anyway, I was very satisfied with the Wavy Dual ring. It is classy and still unique. In addition to the ring, I was pleasantly suprised with your extremely fast turn around. I received the ring exactly one week after I ordered it. I would be happy to provide a "satisfied customer" reference for you anytime in the future. tjt

I wanted to thank you for not only a wonderful product but excellent service. I am very happy with the way the ring turned out ( I love the two different finishes together, they give it a wonderfully unique look).
Not only will I recommend you to everyone I know, but I expect to be purchasing another ring in the near future! Sincerely,

You really are fast! Most people want at least four weeks and usually 8 weeks for delivery of rings! Sounds like you have this numerically controlled machining down to a science! We are excited at the thought of getting our rings so early!
Hope you have a great day!

Bruce, Laura and I received the rings last night. They look awesome Thank you very much for the exceptional service and for providing such a superior product. Job well done. Sincerely, J and L

I really loved the ring you made for my fiancee. I would like another one for me. I would like a regular curvature ring with comfort fit in a size 5 1/2 and 4mm wide with a polished finish.
Thanks, Lindsay

HI Bruce,
Just want to let you know that I received the ring today and it is absolutely great! I am very happy with this ring and your incredible turnaround time.
I will be spending this Christmas with my girlfriend's family in Hawaii. Now I have the ring, it is time to practice kneeling. - Jimmy

Hi Bruce! We just got our rings and they turned out great!!! Thank you for a job well done! I think there will be more ti rings in our future so I'm sure we will talk to you soon! Thanks again! - Chris B

I can't thank you enough for the work you did on the ring. It is soooo much more comfortable now. We are both crazy about it. You do great work, but more than that your customer service is way above and beyond. I have already told many of my friends about you- so hopefully that will translate into more business for you.
I do miss the bike parts though! Take care-

I wanted to let you know that I got your ring today and was very pleased by your fine craftsmenship. This ring looks even better than the ones that I was looking at in the jewelry store. Thanks again. -A

Dear Bruce and Trish:
I usually don't pay too much attention to jewelry, in fact, the only thing I wear is a wedding ring. When we got married just over a year ago, my wife wore her grandmother's ring and we bought a titanium band for me at a mall jeweler. The ring was later lost, as it was not sized properly, and must have fallen off my finger.
I searched the net for a replacement, happened upon your web site, and took a chance. Please accept my thanks for a job well done. You have found a way to produce a ring that is far, far superior to the one I had, at a much lower price. The workmanship is excellent and the ring seems flawless. I was particularly pleased with the angle brush finish that looks great when the light hits it.
My wife wanted me to tell you to please contact us if you decide to work in gold, as she was so impressed with your craftsmanship. Again, thanks so much for the great ring, and may I add, the incredibly speedy service.
Best regards,
Larry (and Judy) S

Hi. I got the ring yesterday. It was wonderful- just what I wanted. Thanks for the prompt service. I will certainly recommend you to my friends.-Rebecca

Dear Bruce,
Thanks so much for the ring (3.5mm bearing race). I am quite happy, and due to the coolness factor of titanium and the design hopefully I won't lose this one. It is very cool and very lightweight (doesn't register on my gram scale), very cool! Take care and glad to support somebody from the old industry. -M

Dear Trish and Bruce,
We received the rings today and they are stunning! We love them so much we are not waiting until the big day to wear them. You do an unbelievable job and I can't believe they got here so quickly! Thank you!! -S and B

It's great! Thank you so much for the quick turn-around. It really looks good and fits well. And you saved us a lot of money. We definitely will recommend you.
Again thank you. -A A

Hi Bruce,
Thank you very much, the ring is FANTASTIC !!! I am very happy, it was good to do business with you, I will definitely recommend your services. -M

I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. We got our rings! They are beautiful! J. is very happy that they compliment each other so well. Thanks for doing such a great job in such little time. I think I might have a friend that might be interested in a ti ring. If she is I'll definitely recommend you.

I am sorry that I have not written you in a while...I have been in the middle of moving to South Carolina lately. I got the ring about a week or so ago. Oh my God!!! You have really outdone yourself this time!!! You are truly an artist...a master of metal! Talk about modern day alchemy! You turned titanium into something far more precious than gold!!! I am going to propose this weekend, so wish me luck! If her response to seeing the ring is anything like mine, I am gonna have to bring some smelling salts to get her to come to again! Thank you so very much Bruce! You have truly helped make this an unforgettable moment.
Thank You,

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