Spyra is a limited edition collector's pen.  It is crafted from solid billet aerospace grade titanium and has its unique wood spirals and trim.  All parts are created from scratch, one at a time, and hand finished to exacting standards.  The front barrel of the pen has recessed spirals for enhanced grip and seats in a splined wood collar.  The pen pulls out effortlessly with a half twist and reseals on an internal o-ring.  Notice there are no uncomfortable threads or sharp corners to grip on.  The base is weighted with a bronze insert and is laser engraved with a serial number.  The German nib is 14k gold and iridium and is smooth as silk.  It comes with an ink pump and cartridges for your choice of refilling options. Also available is a roller ball option.  It is a fine addition to any collector's desk.

In My Humble Opinion:
      I am very proud of this pen.  It took several months and hundreds of man-hours to bring it to reality.
Spyra Titanium Pen click on pictures for full size

Price $2400

Pen Type


Wood Inlay