Spectra is a wonderful addition to any pen enthusiast's collection.  It is crafted from solid billet aerospace grade titanium and has a flowing shape that works both with a cap as well as a desk base.  The cap, base, or both can be included in the set.  The pen borrows its shape from an airfoil, and the grooves follow a mathematical progression.  The grooves have a fade of anodizing that continues on the barrel.   All parts are created from scratch, one at a time, and hand finished to exacting standards.  The cap threads are designed for quick disengagement for the ease of removal of the pen from the base.  The threads are in a location where they are not felt.  The German nib is 14k gold and iridium and is smooth as silk.  It comes with an ink pump and cartridges for your choice of refilling options. It is also available in a roller ball option. A version with 22K gold/ sterling silver mokume  inlays is available for an additional $300.  That version can be brushed or polished.

In My Humble Opinion:
      This is a great looking pen that will certainly get noticed.
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Price $1000

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