Puzzler Zirconium Pen

The Puzzler is a pen crafted from a solid billet of zirconium.  Zirconium is a metal much like titanium, and has the unique property of allowing a black ceramic surface to be applied.  It is a slick and inert surface that reminds you of Hematite and is used in artificial knees!  The front barrel of the pen has the option of spirals for enhanced grip or a more subtle hatch pattern.  The clip is also carved from a solid bar and machined to the shape of the puzzle pieces that correspond to the ones below it.  Note that each piece is unique, so the clip had to match one specific orientation and position.  The clip is laser welded in place.  The pattern on the cap and body perfectly align when the cap is replaced in either of the two thread engagements.  The cap engages quickly and smoothly, and utilizes my own thread specification.  The German nib is 18k gold and iridium and is smooth as silk.  It can be oriented to match the pattern on the body.  It comes with an ink pump and cartridges for your choice of refilling options. Also available is a roller ball option.  I am the originator of the puzzle pen concept that has been copied into wood kit form.  There is no kit in this pen!  This is a very unique pen, and I had to develop the techniques used to make it.

In My Humble Opinion:
      I am very proud of this pen.  It took several months and hundreds of man-hours to bring it to reality.
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Price $2500

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