Flame is a specially designed pen with an emphasis on form and function.  The pen is meant to stand upright on a desk, and will be mistaken as a form of sculpture.  The surprising part is that Flame is an extremely comfortable pen to write with as well!  It has a unique trilobe shape that curves, twists, and tapers simultaneously.  It fits distinctly in the nook of the hand and is designed specifically for a right hand or a left hand.  The 14k German made nib can be specifically oriented for your writing angle.  The pen also has an integral clip, so it can be carried in your pocket to be seen instead of being left lonely at the office.  The clip is machined from billet aerospace grade titanium to match the exact twist, taper and curve of the body.  The cap/ base is also crafted from titanium, and is adorned with a Mokumanium jaguar spot motif and logo.  The cap has a quad start thread for quick engagement. This is possible in titanium because of its high strength.  The acrylic is crafted from a solid piece and finished to a glasslike surface.  The color shown is Caramel Shimmer, and has a very rich look.  It comes with an ink pump and cartridges for your choice of refilling options. Also available is a roller ball option. 

In My Humble Opinion:
      This is a pen like no other.  I am very proud of this pen.
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Price $1250

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