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About Us

I started Boone Technologies in 1993 with a CNC machine in the basement just for fun. I tinkered and ran an ad for titanium cogs in a single bike magazine and was overwhelmed at the response. I had to quit my "real job" and make bike parts for a living. I had to hire employees and buy another machine. My wife Trish and I decided at the last minute to exhibit at the Interbike show and were amazed at the dealer response; we didn't get to sit down, go to the bathroom, or stop talking the whole time we were there! Photographers for magazines had to make 4 return trips just to get to the booth because there were so many people around! Within months, I had to get a real shop and got larger machines. I developed new products such as titanium chainrings, the Helixx bottom bracket, TWIST! crankset, titanium cog earrings, titanium chainring pendants, titanium wedding rings, nickel plated aluminum chainrings, and custom size big chainrings for HPV's. We had distributors in countries all around the world. In 1997, the market slowed down for aftermarket products, and I accepted an offer at GT bicycles, with whom I had dealt with on the Olympic super bikes. I programmed their laser that cut the bike tubes. In late 1998, GT was bought by the owners of Schwinn, so I left there before that entire ship sank. (There had been talk of shutting down the manufacturing division all together.) I now live back in Georgia and make the rings full time with Steven Post.  Trish and Chrissy handle the paperwork, finances, and shipping.  Business is great, and we're having fun doing them. My E-mail is bboone5619@aol.com

Thanks for checking us out.  Bruce Boone

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